About Us

Developing a deep sense of caring regarding future generations helps bestow on each of us an excellent foundation for the moral and ethical choices we make today.



Solar Direct genuinely believes that an inspired, enthusiastic vision based on this concern for our children’s future is contagious, and will ignite into a groundswell of significant change. The global community stands at what many consider as a critical and unprecedented point in human history. Solar Direct believes we all need to actively participate in building a positive future for our children and grandchildren.



Solar Direct encourages every person to envision how we are all profoundly connected in an ever-flowing river of human existence, and that our children’s children live downstream from us in time; whatever influences we put into the river today flows to them.



Adopting a caring commitment to future generations can bring a transcendent purpose to our everyday lives, simply based on each choice, each action, each project large or small that we undertake. Solar Direct’s philosophy holds that it’s a natural inborn instinct to want to leave our children an enlightened, hopeful, and empowered future. We only need draw upon that instinct while making helpful, cooperative, appropriate, and some times courageous, choices. Focusing on this natural instinct helps bring the considerable array of global issues down to what we as individuals can do to contribute positively each day; actions that are worthwhile and enduring.


Solar Direct is striving to think strategic, on a scale far beyond what feels safe to believe it can achieve, because true social change requires great vision, creativity, enthusiasm, risk, and a bright spark of idealism that believes this world can evolve into a sustainable, thriving, and peaceful place for all of our children’s children!



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