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Vortex Panels



Why a vortex system? They're a panel with superior quality, exceeding commercial grade specifications, and the best 10-year factory warranty available. Lasting between 15-20 years, these heavy panels don't require any maintenance. Properly sized systems can bring pool temperature into the 80's, sometimes all year-round. In cooler places, swim season can be increased by as much as 50%. No matter what roof type you have, if you'd like a ground or ground-rack installation, there is a kit available for you. Each one is made custom, so every project comes out right. Easily installed by a handy person in a weekend, only standard tools are required.


Our Vortex Premium System Kit is the most comprehensive package available anywhere. It contains all the items of our standard and deluxe kits- the required panels, connection and mounting hardware, along with additional time saving components. Everything is included to set up a brand new system. On top of that, it also comes with a premium controller package, allowing you to create a system with fully automated temperature control. 

Premium Controllers



   Goldline GL-235 w/ Jandy Motorized Valve


   Goldline AquaSolar w/ Digital Temperature Display


   Goldline AquaSolar w/ Digital Temperature Display &  Built-in Pool Pump Timer


   Pentair SunTouch Solar w/ Digital Temperature Display & Built-in Pool Pump Timer


   Pentair SolarTouch Solar w/ Digital Temperature Display, Built-in Pool Pump Timer, & Automatic Drain Valve




 All packages offer automatic temperature control for your pool- turning the solar water heater on and off when the system is hot, maintaining your digitally selected temperature. LED controller lights let you know when the system is on. All packages are designed for both residential and commercial settings. Packages 3, 4, and 6 are more suited for large, heavy-duty pools.

Panel Kits


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Row Kits



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Plumbing Kits



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