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There is no greater source of energy in our solar system than the Sun. At Solar Direct, we invite you to utilize this free, abundant, and clean natural resource when updating your home. The choice to invest in Solar Pool Heating technology is the best you can make for your pool. There's no greater value on the market, and it's extremely effective. Where ever you live, the heat of the sun will make your pool a more inviting place for friends and family to gather.


Solar Facts
There's a lot of misleading information about solar, and we hear questions all the time- do solar pool heaters work where it's cloudy? Will installing a system cause roof damage? If you want to learn the truth, check out our FAQ page. If you still need more info, contact us! We're here to help.
Our Panels
We only carry the best pool heating panels on the market. Heavy and sturdy, they can withstand hurricane wind forces up to 150mph. They can also soak up the sun without deteriorating, as they contain 35% more polyproplene and UV stabilizers than any other brand. Each tube is connected to retain heat longer, and our unique oval tube allows panels to withstand freezing temperatures better than those with round tubes- which can't expand or change shape. 
The Process

The products and services that you choose after weighing all your options determines your process. With Solar Direct, that path is brightly lit with sunshine, so you know exactly how to get where you want to be.


If you’re having trouble deciding which type of system works best for your situation, there are several resources available to help clear the fog. Online articles, sizing calculators, phone and email support. Once you feel informed enough to make the decision, orders can be made online or with the help of customer service representatives, specially trained to walk you through the purchasing process.


If you chose DIY installation, your order will be shipped to you along with an installation manual. The next step will be getting a permit from your local building department, followed by installation. Depending on the system size and type, it will only take two people and a maximum of two days. Contractors are also available to do the job, which is fast and efficient due to their years of experience. They'll bring the order to you and finish everything from there.


If issues arise along the way, representatives are still there to answer questions and find a solution.


Once in place, the only thing left to is turn on the filter. Within a few days, your pool will be warm- and stay that way for decades.

Choosing a Contractor
Ensure that the professionals you're interviewing for the job have their credentials- like a state license and an active business. Hiring someone who specializes in solar is always the smartest move, because they know their products inside and out. Also consider how long the company has been in business, and how many like installations they've done. Don't be afraid to ask friends that have already invested in a system- who did they hire, and what was their experience?  You want the job done right, and that starts with choosing the right solar professionals.


How it Works

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The Benefits

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DIY Installation

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Find out what it takes to install a solar pool heating system yourself. No experience necessary.


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