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Vortex Panels


Why a vortex system? They're a panel with superior quality, exceeding commercial grade specifications, and the best 10-year factory warranty available. Lasting between 15-20 years, these heavy panels don't require any maintenance. Properly sized systems can bring pool temperature into the 80's, sometimes all year-round. In cooler places, swim season can be increased by as much as 50%. Easily installed by a handy person in as little as one day, only standard tools are required.


The standard kit is ideal for replacing an existing solar system. It comes with all panels, connecting and mounting hardware. If plumbing or control components are needed, deluxe or premium kits are recommended.


Panel Kits




See Panel and Row Kit Contents. 


No matter what your roof is made of, there is a mounting system that works for you. Even if you don't want a roof system, or if it just isn't an option, ground and ground rack installations are also possible. We have the expertise to build a custom package for your project; help is just a phone call away. 

Row Kits



 See Panel and Row Kit Contents.




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