The Benefits

 1. Comfortable Water

A refreshing pool is supposed to cool you down, not turn your lips blue. Normally, the reason people start considering a solar pool heater is because they can't get comfortable in their pool. It just isn't warm enough to use when they want to. By going solar, average pool temperature can raise by 15-20º, or into the mid 80's range. Of course, the system can be controlled to be cooler if desired. In fact, in places like Arizona, solar pool heaters are actually purchased to cool water. The process is simple- just run the system at night for a luxurious swim in the morning.


2. Extended Pool Season

While a year-round pool is possible in most southern states, our northern friends aren't quite as lucky. But there's still hope for a long, warm swim season. Even in harsh winter states, solar pool heaters can be turned on after the last freeze of the year, when the pool has been cleaned and filled. Just one easy step, turning a switch, can add months of swim time. That means more warm memories in your beautiful backyard.


3. Quick and Easy Installation

The average handy person, with a handy side-kick, can install their own system in less than a weekend. Every weekend after that can be spent in a nice, warm pool.


4. Minimal Maintenance

The only care solar pool heaters require is an annual rinse. Yet, many owners let the rain take care of it for them, and they never run into any problems. The only thing that can get in the way is large debris, which should be removed to obtain their maximum temperature.


5. Long Lasting

Without any moving parts, the only thing that can wear out a solar pool heater is the sun it's self. Even then, systems normally last over twenty years, much longer than a gas heater. In comparison, they're paying for themselves time and time again.


6. 10 Year Warranty

Even if you system does break down before its time, you're guaranteed to for it to last at least 10 years- which is enough to pay approximately 3 times. Unlike other companies, we won't just stop by to plug a leaking system time and time again. We know that it only results in decreased efficiency and unsatisfied customers. Solar Direct works to discover the root of the problem. From there, we fix it with quality and integrity. 


7. No Heating Costs

This is one benefit that no other type of pool heater can offer. After installation, there is no cost to heating your water. No gas, no extra electricity. Just turn on the pool pump like a normal day, the sun will take it from there.


8. No Price Hikes

The best thing about free, open source energy is that it can never go up in price.  You will never turn on the local news to see that there's a shortage of solar energy, and that the price per kW has doubled due to high demand. Solar pool heaters are completely controlled by the people who own them, no need to worry about local utilities and the status of fossil fuel supplies.


9. No Pollution

From time to time, every person on the planet takes a moment to reflect upon their impact on the world. For many of us, this means taking a look at our luxuries and how they affect environment. Solar pool heaters also come equip with a relaxed state of mind. An owner can enjoy a comfortable swim, knowing their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels didn't increase.