What We Do

Solar Direct is the renewable market's premiere one-stop source for a wide spectrum of products and services. We not only host the most highly trafficked e-commerce renewable energy website, it also provides a wide range of traditional offline solutions for residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, agricultural, educational, governmental, and off grid applications: 


System Engineering; Generating real world engineering solutions for renewable energy projects requires years of real world experience, with hands-on knowledge of several engineering disciplines, all paramount in the design of high functioning systems. Solar Direct’s engineering philosophy focuses on the methods needed to solve complex challenges utilizing superior design performance, not simply finding the easiest way out of a client’s problem.


Project Management; Successfully executing a residential customer’s complex “dream project” or massive government installations requires not only meeting the overall goals and commitment to each client, but being able to consistently adapt to rapidly changing situations. Even highly accurate one-time planning will never be able to anticipate all of the unforeseen problem-solving needed for smooth installations. Solar Direct has years of experience over a wide scope of applications, coupled with a lean, agile mind-set that can quickly and safely adjust to each problematic challenge encountered, ensuring optimum performing projects.


Consultation & Analysis; Renewable technology is relatively straightforward in its function, but installation can be complex, and proper design and setup of the actual mechanisms are always critical to ensure optimum performance that responds to customer requirements. Solar Direct offers pre-engineering consultation for major systems to help eliminate the impediments to performance, functionality, or installation before costly construction work-arounds are necessary. 

Solar Direct also offers post-installation diagnostic analysis of major systems for other parties' low-performing, damaged, or improperly installed products. Highly competent engineers and technicians provide assessment as to why the system design or components are not operating properly or have failed, and explain in writing using simple, easy to understand terms. After an engineering audit of the design, materials, manufacturing, maintenance received, and their contribution to low-performance or failure, a common sense evaluation will provide a plan for recovery of performance.


Product Installations; Solar Direct’s certified level of service assures minimal disruption at the customer’s home or client's business - with our tradesmen working in a clean, friendly, courteous, and safe manner. Solar Direct’s team of professional installation technicians comply with state and local laws regarding licenses, insurance and bonding, plus all work is performed not only to industry standards, but is also based on Solar Direct’s established set of Company Values, ensuring customer satisfaction. Solar Direct covers all installations with One-year Contractor Labor Warranties, and offers special discounted rates on selected installations. Solar Direct provides professional installation services for an extensive selection of products all available online at the Energy SuperMarket, including; Solar Pool Heaters, Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters, Gas Pool Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, and Solar Electric Systems. Installation service availability varies in relationship to travel distance required and the scope of project; each project is determined on a case-by-case basis. 


Residential installations will be considered with-in the area of the Southeast United States. Installation services for major projects are available throughout North, Central, and South America, or worldwide when negotiable.


Product Service & Repair; When it comes to the maintenance or restoration of renewable energy products, customers trust Solar Direct's seasoned craftsmen. Years of experience combined with a unique knowledge of alternative technology and equipment assures a consistently high quality of service and workmanship, plus the cost savings that direct access to factory parts and supplies affords. 


Solar Direct’s renewable systems have been designed and installed to require minimal maintenance, but as with any mechanical device, they will require routine and periodic maintenance, plus the repair or replacement of sun, wind, or freeze damaged components. Solar Direct offers preventive maintenance; annual inspections and adjustments; trouble shooting of system malfunctions within the mechanical and electrical components; re-roofing system removal and replacements; photovoltaic array or solar collector, control unit, sensor, valve, vent, and circulation pump replacements; storage tank replacements; roof-mounting penetration and system leak sealing; and general repair services for most solar hot water systems, solar and heat pump pool heating systems, and solar electric power systems. Whether it's replacing several residential solar pool heating panels, or trouble-shooting a large commercial photovoltaic system, you can count on Solar Direct to complete each project restoration with professional, qualified service. 


Solar Direct’s service and repair sub-contractor technicians comply with state and local laws regarding licenses, insurance and bonding, plus support representatives can assist you with information regarding warranties, service contracts, and the status of projects. 


Service and Repair availability varies in relationship to travel distance required and the scope of project; each project is determined on a case-by-case basis. Residential Service and Repair will be considered with-in the area of the Southeast United States. Service and Repair for major projects are available throughout North, Central, and South America, or worldwide when negotiable.


Energy Evaluations; Solar Direct offers energy experts who will audit eligible projects involving major commercial and Industrial applications, providing a comprehensive review of energy usage that allows informed, cost-effective decisions. Solar Direct will provide certified energy advice, along with specific written recommendations on how to reduce utility costs, manage energy expenses, plus how to benefit utilizing federal and state incentives if applicable. Evaluations encompass a review of electrical power, fuel, natural/LP gas usage, and includes an historical consumption analysis, plus identifying cost-effective improvements and upgrades in building structure efficiency. Other critical factors include weather, regulatory requirements, improvement of comfort, health, and safety, and protection of environment. An estimate of energy consumption is broken down for space heating, water heating, appliances and lighting, providing the client with an accurate snapshot of usage. 


Appropriate times to evaluate are before the building of new facilities, during significant structural renovations or major upgrading of high energy use equipment, or following periods of elevated energy costs. If possible, evaluations should be considered well before the design process when budget constraints and future options are being discussed. 


Energy usage habits and operating procedure modification, with minimal or no capital investment, can often yield 5% to 15% energy savings. A progressive retrofitting program often results in 15% to 30% savings. Solar Direct is committed to practicality throughout the energy evaluation; the goal being the development of plans and clear control strategies that are strictly justifiable for specifically defined cost-saving applications.


Contractor Programs; Team up with Solar Direct by taking advantage of the green industry’s most profitable turnkey package; the maximum front-line opportunity for the sale of all renewable energy systems lies with General Contractors, Engineering Firms, Specifiers, Pool Contractors and Builders, and Pool Service Professionals! This package is especially attractive in today's competitive marketplace, can be developed into a lucrative addition to many businesses, supplementing income with nominal effort; minimal project management requirements enable clients to focus on their core business, and the costing, scheduling, and installation services are all managed by Solar Direct. Project specifications can even be tailored to meet specific return on investment requirements.


Solar Direct offers its Contractor Program Partners outstanding cost savings through factory-direct purchasing, with its full turnkey packages providing the complete design, engineering, and installation for each project; single-point responsibility simplifies decision making and coordination, contract and warranty administration, and payment process. Additional incentives include marketing consultation and advertising services, price incentives for volume dealers, technical assistance, no-inventory risk, per-project kits, and worldwide delivery. 


The goal of Solar Direct’s Contractor Program is offering clients the lowest possible price - combined with the most convenient service. This unique program allows clients to select the level of participation which best suits their volume and type of business by offering the following: 


     Contractor TurnKey Partner Package - It's easy and simple. Partner sells a system and Solar Direct does the rest; Partner purchases at wholesale prices and charge retail. 

     Fully Customized Installation Kits - Complete kits delivered directly to residential, commercial, and industrial job-site locations for installation by Partner. 

     A-la Carte Component Sales – Individual system parts delivered directly to residential, commercial, and industrial job-site locations for upgrades by Partner. 

    Referrals – Partner simply refers potential customer and Solar Direct sells the system, and then sends a check for 10% of total sales price when delivery or installation is              completed. 


Worldwide Shipping; Solar Direct utilizes the services of several global leaders in international shipping, all offering overland transport, air freight, ocean freight, and all with worldwide range of delivery. These transport firms ensure customers shipments arrive rapidly, safely, and on time all over the world with optimal delivery performance. Offering the services of several shipping firms is key to providing competitive pricing, as well as the advantages of a wide range of standardized and custom support. With international networks to over 200 countries on all continents, these firms are dedicated to delivering fast and reliable service, and the high standards that global customers require.


Keynote Presentations; Prearranged sessions are presented by Dale Gulden, CEO of Solar Direct. An Industry acclaimed speaker in the renewable energy trade, Mr. Gulden’s relaxed and engaging conversational style builds enthusiasm and vision through a high-content, yet consumer-friendly delivery. During his presentation, Mr. Gulden shares not only detailed and valuable information regarding technologies and products that help consumers save money, save energy, and save the environment, but his views on green business practices, and the tools necessary for today’s green living.