Why Us

Solar Direct believes its vision of enthusiastically influencing healthy renewable energy decisions is driving its extensive expansion.


Unique within its green industry, Solar Direct is vertically integrated, combining its marketing, product manufacturing, design, engineering, installation, and direct-to-customer distribution processes within one all-encompassing organization. 


Founded in 1986, Solar Direct’s sales have progressively increased, and beginning in 2003 exceeded the $1.2 million mark for the first time. During the 18 months following the startup of its e-commerce website mid-2003, Solar Direct’s revenue dramatically increased by an additional $1 million, attributable to the Energy SuperMarket’s enhanced ease-of-access shopping experience, combined with newly stimulated world-wide consumer focus on renewable technology. Beginning in 2004, Solar Direct’s annual revenue exploded at 160%, significantly breaking all previous records. 


Mid-year, Solar Direct initiated a strategic growth program utilizing a corporate consulting firm, Dynamic GoldMind Strategies™ who oversaw a comprehensive evaluation, followed by a critical focus on vision driven strategies, ongoing goal setting, process analysis, and investments in management and staff training. While establishing vision driven strategies, Solar Direct committed to developing an extensive Internet based eco-education program. In early 2005, broad new initiatives in which website development, search engine optimization, online video-based presentations, and a major new goal for broadening of the product line were launched. After retaining Thorell Associates, an Orlando FL public relations firm that specializes in socially responsible promotions, a second initiative integrating advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns were also introduced. 


Looking toward the future, Solar Direct is committed to accelerated growth, providing an advantageously informed and truly inspired purchasing experience for consumers, and fostering new relations by partnering with others in the environmental community. 


Solar Direct will continue to develop a bold vision, striving for dramatic yet sustainable growth, believing it has the responsibility to contribute to the world’s evolution into a green, healthy, and vibrant environment for all of our children’s children!